2017 has been an incredible year!

14 countries visited, 15 races competed in, 50 good deeds at goodgym, 16 parkruns, 5357km ran, 2:36 PB and managed to win my first marathon too! These photos are just a few of my personal highlights!

This time last year I barely new what Instagram or Strava were, I’d never done a parkrun or goodgym session, I’d never ran further than 50 miles, never been to advent running, or Adidas runners, I’d never even done a structured training session for a marathon!! The friends I have now, I hadn’t met yet.. my girlfriend, who inspires me to all this crazy stuff, I didn’t even know existed. 

How ever old you are, wherever you’re from or whatever you do, it’s always possible to make some small changes to get where you want to be. Never stop dreaming about where you want to get, surround yourself with people who inspire you and 2018 can be your year!! 

Here’s to an awesome 2017 and let’s all make 2018 the best year EVER!!