Need some inspiration? He's my top 10 running Books and Audio Books!

We all need some inspiration from time to time, our MOJO suffers, so we look for a much needed boost online.  I'm always getting asked what my favourite books are, or what I listen to when running.  So thought it would be best to put a list together of what I reach for when I'm looking for a boost, so here goes!



1. James Adams - Running and Stuff. 

Such a well written account of running most of the major ultra races in the world.  Spartathlon, Badwater, Marathon Des Sables, Grand Union Canal.. they are all here!  My go to book when I'm looking for that next big adventure!


2. Vassos Alexander - Don't Stop Me Now

Vassos's enthuasium for running is infectious.  Whether you're an elite runner or complete beginner, his tales from his running journey will have you gripped and wanting to lace up your trainers are get out there.  


3. Ben Smith - 401 Marathons

Ben's story is one of the most remarkable and moving ones to come out of 2017, building a movement to raise the profile of mental health issues, after suffering at the hands of bullies as a child, while completing such a gruelling challenge is incredible.  401 marathons in 401 days.  Running 10,500 miles. Raising £330,000 for charities and touching the lives of millions around the world.  His story is epic and inspirational about what the human body can do.  (also in audio)


4. Doug Richards - Running Hot & Cold

Doug's story is one of true determination to turn his life around.  Approaching middle aged, with a whole host of problems, he decided to take up running to free himself from the trappings of modern life.  He has tales from his first ever run to his journey across Greenland, all mixed in with real life issues such as a marriage breakdown, depression and anxiety. Highly motivating and moving, it's impossible to put down! 



5. Rich Roll - Finding Ultra

Take a over worked, stressed out, junk food addict, lawyer, who was 20KG over weight, who has no idea what exercise was and who's life was spiralling towards an early death.  Well Rich Roll takes us on the journey of how he transformed his life around to become one of the worlds top endurance athletes, competing in Ironmans events, including the Epic 5! (you'll have to read the book to find out more about that) It's so inspiring and shows it's never to late to make a change! (also in audio)



All the audio books I listen to our via the Audible App on my iPhone.  Personally I find the selection the best online and they are always adding new titles.  For a free 30 day trail click the banner below! 



1. Adrian J Walker - The End of the World Running Club.

Maybe the best fiction book on running I've read and listened to.  After a huge disaster, the main character needs to get to his family 550 miles away.  It's impassable by any form of transport, so his only option is to run.  So captivating it will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours!



2. Adharanand Finn - Running with the Kenyans

We've all seen the Kenyas dominate the distance running scene for years and years.  In this book Adharanand sets out to find their secrets, by moving to Iten to immerse himself in their culture and live as they do.  A great insight into how the Kenyans train, learn and thrive in this environment.  


3. Charlie Engle - Running Man

Charlie Engle has certainly led an exciting, incredibly moving life. From being addicted to cocaine and alcohol, to running some of the toughest ultra marathons in the world.  Running turned his life around from down and out, to competing in ruling races.  As his fame grew he was caught up in an investigation to past mortgage fraud and was convicted and sent to prison.  He then documents how he grew the running scene inside, on the tiny running track.  A rollercoaster of a life, well documented!


4. Chris McDougal - Born to Run

A iconic book and should be on anyones device or bookshelf.  Chris was the first pioneer to talk about how humans have always ran and why we are so good at ultra endurance events as a species. So other creature on the planet can out last us and this has always been the way since man walked the earth.  A fascinating insight into our past, with many applicable things we can do today to improve. 


5. Matt Fitzgerald - How bad to you want it?

Matt demonstrates just how far we can push our mind over our body to get what we want.  Mental toughness is the key to succeeding in many sports, but especially in the world of endurance running and with many examples he demonstrates just how we can tap into this element of our brain to push ourselves further than we've ever been before.  If you struggle with the mental side of running, then this is a must read!



If you think I've missed anything off the list then get in touch and let me know! Happy reading!