Got a big race coming up? Looking for a PB? Try out my all new training plans!

We all want to push ourselves right?!  Always trying to find that key to run a bit further or improve our race times. There are many tips and tricks all over the place, but what can really give you some extra accountability and therefore consistency is working with a coach or following a structured training plan. 

Most people will start training a few months in advance of their goal race just doing the same runs each week, running at the same pace, along the same routes and subsequently won't see much of an improvement! Having a training plan to stick to will keep you on track and will give you more confidence knowing you are doing the right sessions to best prepare you for your goal race. It'll provide you with some variety and will gradually build up your fitness so you can perform your best on race day! 

I have developed training plans for all popular distances from 5k up to 100 mile ultras, based on proven methods and training techniques that have given me success over these distances.  

All the plans are available in the 'Training Plans' section, priced from FREE to £8. 

2:37 at Manchester Marathon 2018! 

2:37 at Manchester Marathon 2018! 

So why are my plans different from the hundreds that are already out there?

Written in plain English 

No fancy jargon. All my plans are easy to follow and understand.  There is a table with each plan that explains exactly what every run means, so you know what type of run you will be doing and the reasons why.

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I know for a lot of people, time is the main hurdle when it comes to training so flexibility is crucial! Most weeks there is an optional run, where you can run a bit easier if you are feeling tired or substitute something else in if you are feeling good. I like to build flexibility into all of my plans as it keeps you in control and gives you the chance to add your own touch.

Pacing Charts

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The pacing charts are based on your goal time so you can use these to find the exact pace to be running your ‘recovery runs’ at, or your ‘steady pace’.  This takes the guess work out and provides a great training stimulus that happens with training at different paces and intensities. 


Extra notes to keep you motivated and on track

There is a notes section for every week which includes details about all the important things you should be thinking about that week. 

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Get extra support with dedicated coaching 

If you are looking for more guidance or a more tailored plan for your specific needs and goals then I also offer 1-2-1 coaching which will give you even more accountability. We will work together and plan your whole lead up to the race week by week with regular catch ups and updates. For more information check out the Coaching section. 

If you have any questions about the plans or coaching then feel free to get in touch via the contact page, I'd love to hear from you. 

Can't wait to hear about all of your running successes!