As winter is closing in, here are three head torches I recommend!

If you’re running at night, dusk or early in the morning I really recommend getting a head torch. Not only do they help you to see better, but they help others around you see you better as well, so really good for safety. For the vast majority of runners, the Petzl Tikka would be what I’d recommend, however see below for some other options!

The first head torch I had was a Petzl Tikka - Click here! - About £22

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 10.45.50.png

For a first time head torch it’s was great, very comfortable, good brightness. The only downside is it takes AAA batteries, so you need to keep buying them, rather than recharging it. But they do last a very long time. Or you can buy a compatible rechargeable battery for it, these are around £20. Three lighting options provide good visibility whether you’re in the country or towns.

Stats: 86g / 200 Lumens / 240 hours burn time (AAA batteries)
Good: Lightweight, comfortable, compact.
Bad: Rechargeable option expensive, buying AAA batteries not very environmentally friendly.

The next head torch I purchased was a Petzl Reactik+ - Click here! - About £69

During Sarah’s CCC 101k Ultra

During Sarah’s CCC 101k Ultra

Sarah now uses the Reactik+ torch for all her ultras and it’s never missed a beat. It has a sensor in the unit to adjust the brightness to the ambient light at that moment, to save battery. It takes some getting use to but works well. (Or you can just turn this feature off and use it like a regular headtorch) It is pricey, but the amount of light it emits is really impressive, you’ll never be unsure of the road ahead of you. The rechargeable USB battery is great and simply uses a micro USB and you can charge it anywhere!


Stats: 115g / 300 Lumens / Burn Time 5 Hours max or 10 hours reactive.

Good: Brightness, Beam spread, App connectivity, Build quality, Rechargeable USB.
Bad: Price, Bit bulky.

My current head torch is a Petzl Nao+ - Click here! - About £122


If you’re heading out in tough environments nothing will beat this. I have it as it’s incredibly bright, you can replace the battery in an instant and the red light on the back is great for safety when I run in town. The companion app (get it on the App Store, Google Play etc) is very simple to use and you can fully customise the torch depending on what you’re doing. At max brightness it will illuminate up to 140m ahead of you! As the battery is at the back, it balances really well and you don’t get any ‘bobbing’ around as you run. You need a proper USB drive to charge it, I just plug it in my Anker USB box, or portable battery.


Stats: 185g / 750 Lumens / From 7 up to 15 hours burn time.

Good: Incredible brightness, App connectivity, Build quality, Rechargeable USB, Comfortable.
Bad: Price, Heavy.

Other considerations..

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 10.57.35.png

Silva Trailrunner version 3 - Click here! - Approx £35

Not a recommendation, I’ve never used it.. but a friend of mine swears by his… so worth having a read!

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 11.03.53.png

Black Diamond Spot - Click here! - Approx £30

I borrowed one of these a few weeks ago and was suprised at the brightness. Uses AAA batteries, so you’ll have to keep stocking up.

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