Cross Training Ideas for Runners - Sprint Read!

Welcome to the first Sprint read.. a short, quick read article that I’ll be posting each week on a Thursday. 

This week I wanted to talk about cross training plus strength work and give you some quick ideas for things you can incorporate into your weekly routine that will complement your marathon training. 

Feel free to share your own ideas below in the comments and let’s help out as many runners as possible! 

I’d suggest trying to get one cross training activity in per week and one strength session in as well. I realise it can be quite challenging to fit this in on top of all of the running but it will help you become a stronger and more rounded runner whilst helping with injury prevention as well. 

Yoga - GREAT for runners! Helps build up your core strength, flexibility and balance, plus it can be quite relaxing and could help you de-stress. YouTube / apps / or classes are all great, depending on your budget. 

Swimming - Perfect if you have picked up a niggle as you get your cardiovascular workout in, but without the impact that you get from running. Aqua jogging is also an option if your local pool offers it.  

Indoor Rowing - An all over body workout that works really well with intervals. 2000M total with 200M ON/OFF is a session I really enjoy doing. 


Cycling - Either in the gym on a static bike or outdoors. 


Elliptical - This is another great one if you are coming back from an injury as the action very closely mimics running without any of the impact. Just remember to increase the resistance to get your heart rate elevated. 


Stepper - Good if you’re training for a hilly race and want to build up some leg strength. Much harder than it looks! 


Ben's Fab 4 - (bodyweight) 
Calf raises 

I do these four exercises all the time and incorporate them into my daily life. Calf raises when brushing my teeth. Squats when cooking dinner. Plank and Bridges when watching TV. 

Ben's Fab 4 - (weights) 
Adductor and abductor machines 
Leg Press machine 
Hamstring curl machine. 

This will be a nice lower body circuit to do when you’re next at the gym. You might want to ask for some help with deadlifts as this is all about form to get the right result.  

So there’s a few ideas for you to include during your week..  

Let me know what activities do you like doing for cross training and strength work?  

All the best, train smart and carry on #gettingitdone! 


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