Five Top Tips for Getting your Mojo Back!

So have you lost your running Mojo?  Last seen crossing the finish line and now no where to be seen?  You were super keen, did the race, now struggling to get back out? Well here are my 5 top tips to get that excitement back in your running world!

  • Listen to a podcast or audio book – My personal favouries are Marathon Talk, Freakanomics, This American Life and No Such Thing as a Fish, or download an audio book or two via iTunes / Audible.  Personally I only ever listen to these when running, so if you get addicted to a series then you have to go running to listen to the next episode!  Plus it can make those longer runs fly by, taking your mind off your running and into the episode.  Most podcasts are FREE and if you’re worried about running with music and not hearing your surroundings then check out these headphones from Aftershokz.
  • Enter a race / target goal – Give yourself a target, something in the future to aim for.  If you’re a new runner then look out for a 10k or half marathon.  Maybe even a full marathon if you’ve got time to train.  If you don’t want to race or worried about the expense then look up where your local Parkrun meet is and get yourself down there every week.
  • Join a club / run group, or run with friends.  About half of all my running is with a group or running with friends, you get to chat, gossip, help each other out and it hardly feels like running.  I’m a member of Advent Running and Serpentine in London.  Goodgym (my absolute favourite!) is growing nationwide, so check out if there is a group near you.. or of course there is Parkrun!
  • Buy some new kit – Of course not everyone can simply afford to buy new kit, but it does have a funny way of getting you out the door to test it out.  For reasonably priced gear have a look in Decathlon, or Wiggle often have good deals on with free delivery.
  • Try some new routes – Have a look on Strava heatmap.  It will show you the routes that other runners are taking in your local area.  (It works for cyclists too!) I’ve found so many new routes via this, so see if there is a new part of town you can explore!

I hope the above helps and you get your Mojo back up and running quickly.

Of course let me know of any ideas you have and I can add them to the list!