Injury Strikes!

When out on a run in the peak district at the annual GoodGym Shindig, I got a sudden pain in my right foot that completely stopped me in my tracks.  As anyone who knows me well, I manage to run through most niggles, annoyances or pains, but I knew straight away this was much worse. Luckily I had Sarah and Vickie with me to get me back to the place where we were staying, then it was simply damage limitation until I could get to see the Physio when we got back.

So at the time of writing I've been off running for about 10 days and am waiting for the MRI scan to fully diagnose what the problem is.  In all likelyhood it's a stress fracture in the 4th metatarsal and will need about 4-6 weeks of rest, not much fun at all!

But these injuries are sent to test us, make us stronger and also give us the opportunity to explore other things in life away from running.  So for the next month or so I'll be mostly swimming, cycling and rowing.  Of course I'd give anything to be out on the road, but you have to remain positive through these periods and I'm sure when I do get back out it will feel all the more better!