Having the right kit is very important, it won't necessarily make you a better runner, but it will certainly make your training much easier and more comfortable!

This is the list of what I’m currently using, with links to find out more information.  None of these are sponsor endorsements, this is what I believe to be the very best out there.


For all my road marathon training I use the Adidas Boston Boost 6. Click here for more info. 

For anything up to the marathon distance I race in the Adidas Takumi Ren’s.  Click here for more info. 

For trail running, whether it be racing or running I use the Salomon Sense Ultra.  Click here for more info. 



As time is always tight, I use Urban Massage.  It's super convenient as they come to your home, the quality is the best I've found and every person I've dealt with has been extremely friendly.  Prices for off peak are £49/hour.  Which I think is great value.  For £20 off your first booking, click here!


I use the Garmin Forerunner 935, which is basically the lightweight racing version or the Fenix 5.  Click here for more info.



Recovery Shake - myProtein RECOVERFUEL.  Click here
Vitamin D - Nu U Nutrition. Click here.
Iron - Vitabiotics Feroglobin. Click here.
Calcium - Kirkland. Click here.
Glucosamine - Inno Pure. Click here.
Vitamin C - Vitabiotics. Click here. 




For road running I use Adidas Adizero or Supernova lines.  For trails I opt for Salomon products.  


An area where you really can’t compromise.  For all my running and racing I use either the Balaga Enduro socks or Stance.  They aren’t exactly cheap, but they last ages and have never ever given me any foot issues.  Balega click here.  Stance click here


Has to be runderwear.  Great fit, support.. they just work. Click here for more info.  


All my hats are from Ciele Athletics.  People are always asking about the Strava one, which I was lucky enough to get given by Strava, which they made in partnership with Ciele.  Check out the designs on their website by clicking here.


Hydration Vest 

I use the Salomon Ultra 12 Set.  Click here for more info.


I use some Black Diamond Carbon Z poles.  Click here for more info. 


I’ve opted for the Salomon Bonatti Pro.  Click here for more info.



My go to top for the majority of my winter training is the Salomon Fast Wing Jacket.   Click here for more info


I use the OOfos sandals for keeping the weight off my feet round the house, going to the shops and making sure I'm not putting too much extra stress on them while I'm not running.  Really recommended, so check them out here!




Mild conditions I use my bright pink Ronhills. Click here for more info. 

When it gets colder I opt for the Montane Prism. Click here for more info. 


Running Belt 

I use a Spibelt to carry my phone, keys and credit card on all my runs.   Click here for more info. 


The head torch I have is a bit fancy and not really necessary unless the ultra you’re entering specifically says you need a light on the back too.  I’d recommend getting the Petzl Tikka, which will cover you for 99% of races. Click here for more info.  However if you want to go all out (I bought mine very much in the sale for about £125) then I use the Petal Nao+. Click here for more info. 

Anti Chafe 

Every runner needs to get some body glide in their life! Click here for more info. 


I take all my photos on my iPhone X.  The self timer mode is perfectly designed for running. 


These are what I'm currently using from Aftershokz.  Very safe as you can hear everything going on around you, plus super clear sound quality, especially with spoken word.  You can also make and receive calls on them while running and the other person can never tell I'm actually out running!  Highly recommended.   Click here for more info.



I’ve used my Ronhill tracksters since school.  They are legendary and all you need to keep you warm on those winter runs. Click here for more info.


I use the compress port calf sleeves, mainly for recovery when I’m tired.  As well as the recovery tights for relaxing in after races. Click here for more info


I use a complex 6.0 to help with recovery and get myself back into shape to go again the next day. Click here for more info